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Start with our new FoodIN project

What are we preparing for you?

The LocallyIN team will introduce their new FoodIN project, which aims to prepare goodies mainly from local ingredients. At the FoodIN stand you can enjoy lamb, beef, pork and turkey specialties. A local brewery of Krčín will be next to you. A short walk away is a selection of cheeses, wines and cakes. That's what it sounds like a spoon.
It will not be just about food. There are also children for whom a lot of fun is available, such as drumming and singing, face painting, educational trails and many other games.

All this just 55 km from Prague, Čelina village - direction Slapy, Vaněček and Adámkův statek, GPS 49.732933N, 14.3263050E.

Come and have fun with local businessmen. The festival will be held in all weathers!

We look forward to seeing you!

Petra Pavičová
for the whole team LocallyIN

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