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We support sustainable resources and social responsibility

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Minimize environmental footprint!

The suppliers for our catering are small local growers, breeders and producers. The main criterion for their selection is the highest possible quality of delivered products for us. At the same time, the shortest distance the product has to offset than it gets to us, or our customers. We also want to make the products that we use during the preparation of the catering industry as little as possible.

We do not burden the environment with unnecessary plastics!

When approx. 150 years ago scientists invented the first synthetic plastics, it was a revolution. However, no one at the time knew what impact the environment would have in the future.
Plastic packaging and other disposable products need to be replaced by natural or reusable alternatives. For us in Foodin Catering the plastic period is over.

We think of the planet!

We want to inspire our clients to change, so we never used disposable plastic dishes, cutlery or straws. The vast majority of catering is served on porcelain dishes with classic cutlery. If not otherwise, we use organic compostable dishes made of natural materials. Of corn, sugar cane, palm leaves and wheat bran.

We are heading to Zero Waste!

We strive to minimize waste and our environmental footprint, so we are also increasingly interested in the Zero Waste system, which we would like to apply in our catering industry.