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Barbecue for companies, private parties and weddings

Selected delicacies from the grill according to FoodIN

Barbecue with the story and power of "volcano"

Barbecue from premium ingredients from small Czech farmers on the grill VULCANUS

Barbecue for companies, private parties and weddings

Barbecue season in Battist Brickworks

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For our customers we have prepared a new barbecue section this season. Barbecue for companies, private celebrations a weddings. Newly we offer the premises of Batistova cihelny premises for all our clients. This is an unusual space of a former brick factory in a beautiful location, located 15 minutes from the city center. The area is suitable for smaller conferences, seminars, celebrations and other kinds of events. It has its own parking for 17 cars.
More about the offer here:

Foodin grilling from local ingredients

Barbecue & Catering offer with service:
Do you want catering with a complete gastronomic and visual experience? Then this barbecue and catering package is right for you. We offer top-quality grilling from small Czech farmers on the VULCANUS grill. Natural style of grilling, using the best hard, dried wood.

Today, few of us can imagine summer without the smell of grilled delicacies. Barbecue has become a popular culinary experience and at the same time a pleasant social event. The FoodIN catering company decided to have a barbecue season on its premises all year round at Battistova cihelna and therefore teamed up with the manufacturer of unique Vulcanus grills.

Mass offer examples:

  • Krkovička z Mangalice (Mangalici is called "VIP" piglet, it is a special variety of pork from free range)
  • Pickled turkey skewers Shawarma
  • Delicate catfish from the farm in Horní Počernice
  • Burger from matured beef from own breeding
  • Balkan pljeskavica with pita bread and ajvar
  • Corn pancake - Taco with beef or pork and vegetable salsa
  • Beef or pork ribs, and many other things.

Examples of vegetarian offerings and supplements:

  • Vegan Vegetable Burger (We Offer More Vegan Pancakes)
  • Halloumi cheese from Struhy farm
  • Grilled eggplants, zucchini and peppers
  • Vegan taco or burritto
  • and many other specialties.

As part of the Barbecue package, we also serve other catering in the form of various cold starters. Such as cow, sheep and goat cheeses, vegetable salads, prosciutto and other sausages. Furthermore, sauces such as mustard, mango, spicy tomato, and the like.

Drinking catering
You can always choose beverages for our catering, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. For example, we offer various kinds of lemonade made from small Czech manufactories, homemade syrups, various types of coffee and herbal teas.

Alcoholic beverages include local microbrewery beers, excellent wines, cocktails and quality spirits.