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CATERING from local ingredients

We offer you quality innovative catering from local raw materials that we choose ourselves with small local farmers, growers and producers.
CATERING FROM YOUR EVENT FOODIN refreshes and becomes not only enjoyment, but I experience.


Great food made from quality ingredients with a touch of home atmosphere.

  • We will provide innovative catering for small and large groups of participants. catering for smaller and large groups of participants.
  • With our catering is like coming back to the roots, so it is always with a touch of home atmosphere. catering we are happy to return to the roots and therefore always with a touch of home atmosphere.
  • We also have a mobile kitchen - FoodIN truck, which allows us to prepare well and serving meals at the venue.
  • We prepare breakfast, brunch, coffee break, lunch, snacks at a party, wedding, catering for conference or any other event.
  • For companies also offer the possibility of preparing specialties "corresponding to their brand".

Catering services

Catering for companies

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Realization of weddings

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Birthday party

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Drinking catering

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We like small local farmers, growers and producers, and we have been shopping for them for years. Moreover, we are always keen to discover new small Czech companies, so we decided to transfer our passion to our business at the beginning of 2015. We implement the LokallyIN project, which focuses on supporting small local businesses.


Minimize environmental footprint!
The suppliers for our catering are small local growers, breeders and producers.


Gift packages full of goodies from different regions. Our Gift Boxes are handmade and unique


The quality of the meat really matters, so many of our clients have already convinced us. Meat from the Kozhorian farm is meat of origin. Bulls are farmed in the open, free of stress, and fresh food is provided for them all year.



We offer our customers non-traditional catering. The basis of our meals are the raw materials that we have We buy ourselves at local farmers, growers and producers. We can guarantee their origin and quality. We also offer our customers a range of our own products such as beef sausages, veal sausages, chopped, homemade spread.... It is important to say that what we do not do is "Classic" catering. He will always have a touch of home atmosphere and La Provence style. For guests it will be not only a pleasure but also an experience. Our catering has a connection with local producers story and added value.


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