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Delivery of food and catering

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Let the professionals prepare you and introduce lunch. Local raw materials in organic quality. Meals chilled in shock and transported by a professional refrigerated truck.

Foodin catering prepares and directly delivers breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner for companies and individuals.

Take advantage of our spring offer:

  • Ready meals prepared on the Vulcanus grill, chilled in a shocker, packed in an atmospheric package and transported by a Petit Forestier refrigerated truck. We guarantee you the strictest hygiene standards.
  • Marinated meat and vegetarian dishes prepared for the grill. Just cut the package and grill the products. We guarantee you the best quality meat and vegetables from local suppliers and from our own farm.
  • Sandwiches richly stuffed with meat, cheese, and vegetables in organic quality with high nutritional value.
  • Production of snack boxes and delivery to companies / fruit salads, sandwiches, dairy products, cakes and desserts /

Why order food from us

  • We are a catering company that did not fall asleep during the corona virus, on the contrary, we have recently expanded our activities to include online sales from our market and focused more on food delivery. That's why we also bought new packages, cars and a shocker.
  • We are an experienced catering company that uses only the best raw materials from local suppliers. You will receive full-value dishes from us, which you will not only enjoy, but you will also indulge in food that will benefit your health.
  • We use raw materials of origin. We know each of our suppliers of meat, cheese and vegetables personally.
  • We use state-of-the-art packaging and shock cooling technology to eliminate bacteria and viruses.
  • Dairy products such as yoghurts, cheese desserts, kefir are always 100% fresh. You will always get only the best from us.
  • When transporting food, we use a modern refrigerated truck, which maintains a constant cooling temperature. Meals will be delivered to you by our professional and proven staff, who are trained in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations.
  • We listen to your needs and suggestions. We will do everything to make you happy.
  • We will create a menu for each group of employees.
  • In addition, if you do not like our food, you always have the option not to pay for it.

Ready meals prepared on the Vulcanus grill

We have prepared a special offer of dishes from the Vulcanus grill for our customers. When grilling, we use Alder wood, which gives all dishes a sweet taste. The food remains juicy and healthy. The raw materials we use are local and organic.

For example, you can order from Vulcanus:

  • Juicy pork tenderloin with nettle pesto in olive oil with roasted potatoes, vegetables or even legumes.
  • Halloumi cheese from Mr. Kojetín's organic farm. The full taste of homemade milk will get you. You can have it with potatoes and grilled vegetables.
  • Vegan steaks
  • Marinated neck or pork loin with grilled vegetables, baked potatoes and legumes.
  • Duck breast prepared by the sous-vide method, marinated with bacon and herbs.

And much more...

Marinated meat ready for grilling

We prepare packages of marinated meat for grilling for you, which you just need to take out of the protective packaging and put on the grill or bake in a pan. The meat is first-class in organic quality from small local farms. Gently flavored with herb spices and fresh herbs from our garden.

Production and delivery of sandwiches

The sandwiches we prepare are again only made from ingredients from small local farmers and producers. We also do not forget vegetarians and vegans. We try to make the sandwiches not only taste good, but also nutritionally balanced.

We offer sandwiches from both wholemeal and white bread, which we take from small bakeries.

Preparation of snack boxes and delivery to companies

We also produce custom snack boxes that contain not only tasty products, but also a balanced diet for both employees and individuals.

For example, snack boxes may contain:

  • Different types of sandwiches - meat, vegetarian and vegan
  • Different types of mini-burgers
  • Vegetable and fruit salads
  • Cakes, corissants, energy bars and desserts
  • Drinks - natural lemonades, milk drinks, fruit 100% juice

We can, of course, agree on the composition of a snack box tailored to your ideas.

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