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Traditional Czech Delor Tailors will sew for FoodIN

We are delighted that Delor, a first-class dressmaker, represented by Milan Zocher, a branch in Prague 4, Jeremenkova 102, has become our partner. Our catering team will soon be dressed in shirts that are tailored to us in Delora.

At FoodIN we make sure that our specialties, which are prepared primarily from Czech high quality raw materials, not only tasted, but also the eyes of our clients, and that is why we have agreed to use "uniform" with this Czech tailoring. A tailor-made tailor-made first-Republic tradition.

In the fashionable Delor salon, they crave the tradition of the tailor's craft of the First Republic. They dress Czech famous personalities as well as regular employees of corporations. It raises to one - the desire of men and women at first glance to attract. The newly opened custom studio in Prague 4, Jeremenkova 102, is a cozy and luxurious studio that we recommend you to visit. Here you will be taken care of by a friendly owner along with professional staff. Coffee, along with FoodIN delicacies, will surely delight you in your visit.

Interestingly, Delor's suit was also dressed by 007 agent in Skyfall. He gave them a total of five. In his wardrobe, a suit was included in the price of a new car, a factories, a developer, a financier and two other clients in the telecom and energy sectors.

Czech tailors, which rank among the top ten in Europe thanks to franchises, founded two fashion enthusiasts in 2002, Jaroslav Kašický and Tomáš Šimčík. She was bored with clothing, and they believed that the man's success was also his perfectly fitting dress.

We recommend visiting Delora in Prague 4. Before you visit, remember to pre-order: Prague 4, Jeremenkova 102, tel. + 420 272 680 602

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