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Themed wedding

In our offer you can find not only classical weddings with “standard” menu, but only wedding lunches or dinners, but we can also offer themed weddings in a modern concept. When the whole composition of the event leaves an unforgettable experience. We have a rule that everything we realize for you will be based on your wishes and ideas.

We think of lovers of adrenaline, heights, jazz, old times and much more.

Wedding in the style of sustainability

At Foodin Catering we pay attention to ecology and sustainability, therefore we offer our customers also events that follow the concept of sustainability. You want to have a wedding that will be in this spirit, then feel free to do it with us.

Wedding in jazz style

For true connoisseurs, coolies and connoisseurs we recommend a jazz-style wedding. Black and white casual wedding. Gently but tastefully decorated, where even the dishes get a taste of jazz. We recommend to customize the Jazz wedding as well. In the evening we would prepare drinks of South American style. And the grill should not miss meat skewers in the style of Argentina.

Wedding in the style of hippies

Do you want an unusual wedding? Then make it in the style of hippies. Such a wedding will be full of flowers, colors and fun. All of you will experience a day you will never forget. Hippies are nostalgic years, full of free style and beautiful music. Bring it all into one day that is just for you and your guests.

Wedding in the style of American 20. flight

We will prepare a wedding for you and your guests in the style of a time when there was a ban in America and a mafia. But don't worry, there will be no prohibition at your wedding. We will transform our premises into one big club where you can enjoy, dance, drink forbidden beverages with your guests and you will certainly not be able to do without a "sophisticated" shootout.

Wedding with aerial sightseeing

Unforgettable moments in life: Wedding with aerial sightseeing of Prague