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Start our new FoodIN project with us

Start our new FoodIN project with us

What are we preparing for you?

The LokálněIN team will present their new FoodIN project, the aim of which is to prepare delicacies mainly from local ingredients. At the FoodIN stand you will be able to enjoy lamb, beef, pork and turkey specialties. The stand of the local Krčín brewery will be available next to you. A little further on, offer cheeses, wines and cakes. All so-called mouthpiece.
But it will not be just about food. Children will also enjoy themselves, for whom there is a lot of fun, such as drumming and singing, face painting, a nature trail and many other games.

All this only 55 km from Prague, the village of Čelina - direction Slapy, Vaněček's and Adam's farm, GPS 49.732933N, 14.3263050E.

Come, have fun and support local entrepreneurs with us. The celebration will take place in any weather!

We look forward to seeing you!

Petra Pavičová
for the whole team LocallyIN

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