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Selské slavnosti

18. June we and our FoodIN Truck visited the Selské Festivities that took place on Kuncl farm. Kuncl's mill is completely alone, surrounded by forests and meadows in the valley of the Brzina valley, about a kilometer northwest of the village of the same name.

In addition to us, a few small local producers and retailers, who were presenting their services and selling their products, visited the beautiful farm environment. For visitors, a rich program was also prepared.

We were offering slow lambs at Selské slavnosti, which we bought at Hanka Hrubé of Vaněček's Farm, we also had excellent lamb sausages, and from Petra Kuncla we took only mature beef, which we also prepared in the form of slow cooking. Besides fleshy dishes, we had grilled vegetables and homemade cheese. Everything from suppliers from the Central Bohemian region. We are so glad that everyone tastes and we look forward to seeing you again!

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