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Roast selection of mangled meat on New Year's Eve

At New Year's Eve, for your celebration, we bake a special pork from the mangal race. The best meat you can taste. It is from free breeding and with so-called healthy cholesterol. We will bring you directly to you.

New Year's Eve menu
Roasted pork neck and mango bowl
roasted potatoes, home-made cabbage, cucumbers and horseradish

At the later part of the evening: goulash of mangalice

Mangalica is a special breed of pigs originated in 19. century crossing of the breed from the Bakoň Forest with semi-wild pigs from Sumadija. It is characterized by a long, wavy, sometimes curly hair, which allows grazing outdoors even in winter, even in deep frosts around -25 ° C. The pigs reach a natural increase in fat containing so-called healthy cholesterol. Meat is also very tasty for its juicyness and delicate consistency.