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Celebration of the opening of a new paint shop

Opening a new paint shop? Yes, we are also invited to such events. And this one was especially special because it was for our main partnerthe company Jíša s r.o.

Mr. Jíša and his team and I built our FoodIN-truck, so we don't even have to describe to you how everyone was looking forward to cooking them in it. Well, not that some of our specialties hadn't been tasted before, but this was different. The event was attended by almost all employees of this company. And what did the "Jíšovci", as we call them privately :), taste the most? Slow drawn pork and our homemade sausages. It was a request for recipes and several packages were taken home. Friends you are great and thank you for living our dream with us.

Do you know what Mr. Jesus' motto is? "Do your craft as best you can, do what you see in people's eyes, the others will come by themselves ..." Josef Jíša ... yeah, yeah, and so it happened that together we build our new mobile bar, which we will soon introduce to you . Mr. Jíša is simply doing what he sees in our eyes. :)

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