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Offer fresh meat - eshop

In FoodIN Catering, we prepare meals primarily from local raw materials and products. We bring quality Czech raw materials directly to end clients for various celebrations, events, weddings, companies ....

We like small local farmers, growers and producers, and we have been shopping for them for years. Moreover, we are always keen to discover new small Czech companies, so we decided to transfer our passion to our business at the beginning of 2015. We also implement the LokaleIN project, which focuses on supporting small local businesses. And at the end of the same year, we also came to market with the new FoodIN concept.

From the beginning, we collect meat from the family farm of Kozohorsk, from which we have beef and lamb, but also venison. Meat is very good and our customers are very happy with it. We therefore decided together on a new project, where we can offer our customers top quality meat and processing in fresh form directly for their consumption.

The quality of the meat really matters, so many of our clients have already convinced us. Meat from the Kozhorian farm is meat of origin. Bulls are farmed in the open, free of stress, and fresh food is provided for them all year.

The meat that gets them to customers is aged at least 21 days. It is then vacuumed, which does not stop the process. Even in the vacuum the meat continues to ripen.

Our clients have been able to taste this meat and see how well it tastes good. All new entrants are invited to taste our Prague headquarters, where we can prepare various specialties upon request.