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Meeting with Tom Bulleit

May was full of gardening events, and one great one waited for us at the end. 24. In May, we were part of the Bulleit bourbon party organized by Ultra Premium Brands.

And the task was: Prepare the burger with a dressing of Bulleit bourbon. That was a challenge. But first we had to test Bulleit bourbon, right? :) ... and then, because it is excellent, everything was all alone. Even Mr Tom Bulleit himself tasted the burger. It's just a shame we do not have a picture of how you came to talk to us in our FoodIN trick. It was an experience. We talked about his beginnings, he asked ours too. He welcomed our concept and eventually wished us good luck ... it's just fine to meet such a nice guy who he did not give up his dream journey! This is a great energy, and when you do that, the guests go for an extra ... so it can not even be described ... It was great, again great thanks to all the participants! We love catering for good people.

To the words of one of the rare guests who enjoyed our Bulleit burger ... "It's just a composition like a great sushi ..." can not be forgotten! :)

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