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We are an experienced family company that offers corporate and private clients non-traditional catering of local ingredients. We select and purchase all ingredients, raw materials and products from small Czech farmers, growers and small producers exclusively and directly. For our customers, we choose only the best and highest quality products. Moreover, we are always looking for something new throughout the Czech Republic. Our goal is to take maximum resources locally to support the local economy and minimize environmental burdens.

Customers can enjoy a number of specialties that they will not find elsewhere. We also offer them our own products. Our offer is very varied, we have a number of quality cheeses, both fresh and ripe, sausages and vegetable delicacies. We will delight not only meat lovers, but also vegetarians and last but not least vegans.

One of our main goals is the high quality of service, so with us and our staff you and your guests will feel at home. We will do everything possible to make your event successful and all participants remembered it for a long time.


Petra Pavičová

Founder, owner, cold kitchen

More than five years ago, I decided to fundamentally change my life. I left the executive chair and took the first step to fulfill my dream. Later I founded Foodin with my husband. From the beginning, however, we wanted to do everything differently than we used to. Locality has been a key factor for us since the early days. All raw materials and products are selected and purchased directly from small Czech farmers, growers and small producers. In addition, contact with them helps us to soak up the atmosphere and their stories, which we can subsequently tell our clients. Moreover, they personally give me energy and inspiration when preparing meals.


Predrag Pavič

Marketing, warm kitchen

With Predrag, we have been trying to choose the best quality from small local suppliers. Our common motto is that the basis of good food is first and foremost quality ingredients. Subsequently, it is only up to the cook whether he / she succeeds or not. Thanks to our approach, our guests have the opportunity to taste not only something else, but also get to know the origin of the ingredients from which the food is prepared. When our customers are satisfied in the final, we are both really happy about what we do.


Vojta Čižinský

Event Manager, event preparation and realization

After many years, Vojta decided to step out of IT and venture into gastronomy. After a more difficult start he managed to do so well. Here at Foodin Catering, he made full use of his organizational skills and attention to detail. The result of his work is a lot of satisfied customers not only with our service, but also with services. If you are going to have an event, do not hesitate to contact Vojta.


Honza Nechvile

Photos, Media

Honza has been with us since the first day, when nobody even knew that one day Foodin Catering would be established. From the beginning it has been recording the steps and development of our work. He was with us at the construction of the food truck, at the transition to catering services and is with us even now that we have moved to the new premises of Battista's brick factory. Every photo he does for us with love and it is really visible on them. His photos are not only about food, but also about the overall atmosphere at the events where we operate.

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