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Garden party in front of Lighthous

He may spender weather more than in April, so we waited with tension what the weather will bring us in the middle of 18.

For this, a garden party for the 60 employees of LMC was scheduled to be catered for. The weekend was raining, and the prospect of the beginning of the week did not look very good, but we still believed it would change and succeed. It was beautiful on Wednesdays and did not hinder anything to enjoy the event. At first, it seemed that many people did not arrive. But we just burned the grills and let out the first smell in the air, the space before our FoodIN truck began to fill and the hunger was great. Burgr Pljeska, grilled peppers, lamb sausage, grilled vegetables and salads disappeared right in front of the eyes and how they all tasted along with fine beer from the MMX brewery. Well, shame to talk! ... proof was empty pots and order for another action :) Working with LMC employees really enjoyed us!

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