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Food Truck

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For your private or corporate party, you can also use our tailored modern food-truck.
The base of our food-trick is all made of stainless steel, with quality appliances such as a combi steamer and two large gas grills. We also have our own water tank. We need electricity to connect to 380V or 220V for operation, but for a few hours we can operate without it.

FoodIN food-truck fits for small but also big celebrations where food can be eaten directly from it. The food we deliver directly from the FoodIN food-truc is always fresh at the site preparation.
Thanks to the high-quality speakers that are part of the equipment, it can be enhanced by a great atmosphere and reproduced music. Thanks to o2, we also offer customers the opportunity to connect to high-quality internet.

We offer modern FoodIN-trick street food from the local raw materials we buy from our small suppliers. Our offer is almost unlimited:

  • hamburger of chopped veal or minced meat
  • vegetarian burrito, burrito with beef
  • tacco Vegeterian, with beef or fish
  • Slowly drawn pork or veal
  • roasted beef or pork spareribs
  • roasted turkey meat or grilled with Thyme
  • domestic hermelin in burger
  • Cuban sandwiches
  • game specials - wild boar, deer, roe deer or deer meat - served in the style of a modern street food
  • hen-thistle and many other high-quality meals

On yours celebration, wedding, teambuilding or party we can to FoodIN food-truck still present:

  • mobile bar, from which we can serve wine, sects, cocktails, beer and any other drinks;
  • tent with complete equipment - tables, utensils, etc .;
  • roast for baking piglets, turkey or for demanding customers i muflona.

Subscribe to us because of our comprehensive offering is already preparing any event, do not worry.