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FoodIN kicked off at the Selské slavnosti

On Saturday, we went for the first time among the people with our new concept FoodIN, whose main idea is to prepare dishes mainly from raw materials that come from Czech producers and we really did.

We were at Selski festivities on our favorite Vaněk's farm. Yes, favorite! This is the place where we have learned to ride regularly, thanks to the lovely lady owner Hance and her great products.

We arrived at the farm on Friday and immediately started to prepare. We were preparing favorite burgers, sausages and also two specialties lamb stew, basin, just everything needed the next day. We worked late into the night and were eager to see what would happen on Saturday. In the morning we were excited to see that the sun was shining outside. The first positive news of the day and the last for a while. The next few hours could not do without a slight chaos. Indeed, as it happens at the first events. Every hand was needed. Therefore, you will also see our photographer Honza Nechvíle and the court tailor FoodIN on the photos as a seller Kamil from Strawberry Fraisewho bravely placed their hands on the work.

And what was our offer?

Hamburgers of the beef that we bought at Mr. Dvořák, which in its family family offers not only products of its own production but also products from other local farms.

Lamb sausages and lamb stew when the main raw materials (sausages and meat) came from production Vaněčkova statku.

Pastry we are family members Křepenice bakery.

Boiler, which is a specialty prepared for a few hours at a small fire from the pigs and bacon (opposite the brewery) with potatoes and other kinds of vegetables from the Steklí of Litomysl who bought their goods at the Holešovice trznice (the town 34 / 35).

We have also prepared more children's fruit punch I'm staying with dried fruit and so on mulled wine from Moravia.

How did it all happen?

We must say that it is above our expectations. People went to 2000 and we sold out everything. The whole event was great, the guests were great and they loved it very much at VanÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ. Even so, we've started to spend the next year more. So, do not worry! :)

We are giving Hance from Vaněk's farm and her whole family, the right mind and all the other guests for a great day.

Get the energy from this event and at least a bit of the atmosphere, you can go to our gallery - for the photos we give Honza or directly in the Vaněčkova farmhouse gallery. Look at photos VĂĄclava KĹĂžžka, which also took our edibles :).

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