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Collectif Malunés (Belgium)

The French-Belgian collection Colectiff Malunes created an incredible fantasy world where reality is now blending with the traditional motifs of classical tales of our childhood.


Sedmero of outstanding artists, with the accompaniment of eclectic music, casts one circus discipline into another, constantly and again trying to limit the abilities of the human body and the validity of physical laws. "Happy for Ever" grabs you at the beginning and at the end you just do not want to come back to the reality waiting for the walls of the circus hat.

The magic forest whispers, the little mermaid sings about her affliction, and Jeníček and Mařenka leave behind their tiny crust behind them. Welcome to the fairy tale ... Or not? Not everyone here lives happily ever after, and human relationships are just as harsh as comics. In the world of Malunes, princesses are tangled in their magnificent robes, the wolves are the persecuted and scandalous prince Krasoň sweating with exhaustion breaking in the waist ...

Catering we prepare for you to perform collective Malunés tailored to your ideas and requirements.

  • Before the performance we can for you and your guests wait with a glass of chilled Prosecco or refreshing summer cocktail.
  • During the show, we can serve your food directly into separate 7 box boxes. We can offer, for example, mini burgers with home-made chop and mustard dressing, various types of finger food - canapés and crostini with spices from local ingredients, etc. All of them are accompanied by chilled quality wine.
  • After a show at you and your guests, our FoodIN truck will be waiting for you to have a variety of specialties, such as:
    beef or deer burger, slow-to-digest beef roasting from the Kozohorske family farm, hot dogs with homemade sausages, fish taco, grilled pork ribs, grilled turkey breast and many other specialties such as excellent Czech cheeses and sausages.
  • In addition, we can organize a special VIP event with complete advice and program after the show. This offer is suitable not only for business customers and their business partners, but also for private parties and parties.

Are you thinking about using our offer? Send us your request via our contact form and we will prepare a quote for you according to your requirements and ideas. Tickets are already on sale, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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