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Birthday party in Winternitz Villa

Winternitz Villa

On Friday, we prepared refreshments for a private birthday party in Winternitz's villa, which was built in 1931 by famous architects Adolf Loos and Karel Lhota. The party was really successful and the guests were very happy with our offer from which we choose: excellent Czech cheeses from the farms Držovice and Oldřiš together with marmalades from Bohemian Paradise, crostini with slowly drawn turkey meat or grilled mushrooms and thyme or maybe our homemade chop from a mature Beef with mustard sauce. Fine cuisine then offered: excellent grilled turkey "Shawarma" skewers or slowly drawn beef from the Kozohorské farm with lemon sauce or grilled Czech Halloumi cheese.

Winternitz's villa is born for small private or corporate events. If you have any such action, you can organize it with us here.

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