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Return to the roots

Czech homemade sweets, venison meatloaf and beef, veal sausages, beef sausages, smoked pork, it is only a fraction of what we offer our catering services of Czech raw materials and according to Czech recipes.

We believe that our catering would be composed primarily of raw materials from small Czech producers. In addition, in many cases we roasted our grandmother's recipes. At Christmas, you can therefore look forward to home-made cookies from Czech nuts, eggs, butter and marmalade. We also make candies in various variations for weddings and celebrations. We can also offer you some "classic" minidies, such as lashes, wreaths and toes.

Our home cookies with chocolate, coconut, cranberries, white, cereal or hemp flour is recommended as part of smaller caffe-breaks. We can offer homemade sweets as well.

Dinner or "classic" chopped our own meat production from the Kozhorsk family farm is the most popular among our guests. Serve it with mustard sauce and cranberries either alone or in the form of a burger. Deer mackerel is also very delicate, slightly spicy to taste the young deer meat.

veal sausages according to our own recipe is delicate and beautifully crisp. Ideal for breakfast or in the form of hot dogs, who served from FoodIN truck. We also offer the option of a double hot-dog with veal sausage and beef merguez klobáskoku, which is one of our delicacies.

Smoked pork leg, which we prepare gradually and slowly at a lower temperature, is free of leakage, accelerators and other unnecessary. As soon as you taste, you will know that our ham is different from what you can buy normally. We feed the ham either cold or grilled with vegetables and pita bread dressing.

From the beginning, our philosophy is to prepare food primarily from the raw materials we buy from small Czech producers and producers, and we still keep it. Thanks to links with local producers, our catering has a story and added value. It is also always with a touch of home atmosphere and "La Provence" style. For guests is not only a pleasure but also an experience.

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