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Belgian Magic Mirror tent - "Spiegeltent"

The performance of Barbu takes place in a unique Art Nouveau wooden mirror, "Mirror tent" or "Spiegeltent" imported from Belgium.


Stan "Magic Mirror" - family tradition since 1920.

"Magic Mirror Tents" or "Spiegeltents" originated for the first time around 1900 around the year and were attractions in pilgrimages, used as dance dance floor parks. Countless mirrors allowed visitors to have eye contact. "Magis Mirror tents" were the heart of girls' hearts, night owls and dreamers. They have become a legend and are still a symbol of the wild nightlife of the "fin-de-siècle" period.

Our story begins in 1912, when the young Dutchman Willem Klessens crossed the border and went to Lommel, Belgium, where he later married Amélie Kears. At that time he worked as a wheelier and joiner. One day Oscar Horebeke from Antwerp arrived, with his "Magic Mirror" tent and decided to sell the whole kumst. Willem, who was originally only interested in a mechanical organ for his café and dancing room, eventually bought everything and began writing the Klessens family history and their "Spiegeltents."

The first "Magic Mirror" tent was completed in 1920, baptized with the name "Het Kempisch Danspaleis" and then traveled from the pilgrimage to a small area between Lommel, Mol and Balen. Soon the next Magic Mirror tent - the name "Nova Danssalon" - was recognized and recognized in 1930 by all of Flanders.

When later August Willem's son took over, he traveled to his tents with his wife Lucienne and their nine children. The "Magic Mirror" tents were great fame after the Second World War - with the arrival of live music, the best orchestras from home and abroad were invited. At that time, the Klessens family bought other tents, "De Lust", "Cristal Palace", "Pigalle" and "Victoria" and Augustus began to be called "The King of Magic Mirror tents".

1984 took over the business from his father, Rik Klessens. With their wife Liliana, they are no longer traveling from the pilgrimage but abroad, step by step exploring new opportunities where Magic Mirror tents can offer fun and beauty to festival organizers, companies or even private parties for their actions.